Big Five African Wildlife Attractions

Africa is a continent where some of the world’s most amazing wildlife can be seen roaming freely in its natural habitat.

You can see nature at its exotic best on wildlife safari tours in Africa.

Safari in the Serengeti

Kenya Wild Safari offers African Wildlife Tours, on which you can see, the Big Five African Wildlife Attractions.

The Big Five African Wildlife Attractions are:

African Lion: The magnificent African Lion is an impressive sight, with its powerful muscular body that can weigh over 200 Kgs. Lions are at the top of the food chain in Africa, and prey on the antelope zebra and other herbivores. Lions are social animals and live in groups called Prides. Seeing a family of lions together is a special sight on safari tours of Africa.

Fascinating video safari with a leopard

Leopard: Thoug the smallest of the Big Cats, the Leopard has the broadest range of big cats and various leopard subspecies are found across Africa and Asia. With a sleek golden yellow coat marked with dark rosettes, short powerful limbs and a long tail, the leopard has a striking appearance. Leopards can be seen in many wildlife parks in Africa.

Unforgettable safari with elephants


African Elephant: The African Elephant is the largest land animal on our planet and is found in many different parts of Africa. It is larger than the Asian Elephant and has bigger ears and tusks. African elephants live in herds lead by a senior female. These highly intelligent mammals can communicate with one another and often travel long distances in search of food or water.

White and black rhino, the pearl of the African safari

African Rhino: There are two species of Rhinos found in Africa, the Black Rhino and the White Rhino – both however are actually gray in color. Rhinos are second largest land mammals after elephants and are endangered sue to poaching for their horns. You can see these magnificent animals in their natural realm on Safari tours in Africa.

Buffalo Safari


Cape Buffalo: The Cape Buffalo is a fierce and untamable animal, with immense horns over a meter wide. An adult Cape Buffalo can weigh around 700 Kg and can defend itself against lions and even man. The Cape Buffalo population is under threat due to habitat loss.

Apart from the big five African Wildlife Attractions, which attract the most tourists, Africa is home to many exotic animals. Zebras, giraffe, wildebeest, hippos and springbok are some popular attractions. These distinctive creatures can be seen in national parks in Kenya. There are also many varieties of birds and marine life in Kenya.
Birds in Kenya: Kenya is home to many resident and migratory birds throughout the year. With open grasslands and bush covering most of the country, birds can easily be seen and tourists are likely to see between 300-600 species of birds on their tour. Spectacular flocks of pink flamingoes covering the lakes of Kenya, are an unforgettable sight that you can see on tours to Kenya.

Marine Life in Kenya: Kenya’s coastal regions are rich in many forms of marine life. The sandy beaches, mangrove clusters and coral formations offer many zones for diving and snorkeling. Tourists can enjoy seeing colorful fish and coral as well as many species of fish, turtles and dolphins on tours to Kenya.

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